Them: Q&A (Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation | Memory Alpha | FANDOM. Star Trek: The Next Generation moved the universe forward roughly a century past the days of James T. Kirk and Spock. The series depicted a new age in which the.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Wikipedia Star Trek: The Next Generation aired for 7 seasons beginning on September 28, 1987 and ending on May 23, 1994. The series begins with the crew of the Enterprise-D put.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV Series 1987–1994) - IMDb Crazy Credits As with the original 'Star Trek' (1966) series, each episode begins with the captain reciting the famous opening monologue, 'Space, the final frontier....'

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The Chase (Star Trek: The Next Generation) - Wikipedia The Chase (Star Trek: The Next Generation